Diving Rules

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If you start diving and want to get your diving license, you will learn that there are diving rules to follow and to respect in order not to be in an emergency situation during a dive. The diving rules serve to minimize the risks that may arise during the dive.

It is also important to be mentally and physically in the best physical condition. When diving underwater, the body is exposed to enormous stress. Atmospheric pressure increases as you dive, so pressure compensation is absolutely necessary.

Without proper diving equipment it is impossible for a human to stay underwater longer. If you have purchased new equipment, it is advisable to study it ...

Best Places For Scuba Diving

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In the depths of the sea, sunlight filters through the water. It allows you to glimpse a colorful and almost ethereal life that populates an existence made up of caves and sea gardens. Discover the 20 best places in the world for scuba diving: which one do you miss to visit?

The Ras Mohammed National Park covers the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula is the only Egyptian National Park. On the side facing the Red Sea you will find more than 20 beautiful sites perfect for divin...


Diving Centers

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Here are some of the best diving centers and where they are located:

Located on the northwestern tip of the Bird's Head Peninsula, it is a 10/30 minute boat ride from the best dive sites in the area.

The resort is built with traditional Papuan methods and local natural materials, with bungalows and the main restaurant built on stilts over the water. He also owns a cruising boat , which won in the liveaboard category.

Winner of the 2018 edition, it is located in Pulau Siladen, in the heart of the Bunaken Marine Park. It was built in 2003 as a totally eco-friendly dive resort, with a focus on environmental protection.

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