Buying and leasing pros and cons: Which to choose for a car?

Are you going to buy or lease a new Mitsubishi? That’s one of the biggest decisions you need to make when you want to have your own car. Of course, don’t miss to search about “best Mitsubishi service centers near me”, so you can have the best deal regardless of your choice.

In addition, you need to know more about leasing or buying a Mitsubishi car, so you can finally go on with the process. Thus, read on, for you to have enough ideas about both sides’ pros and cons.

Pros and cons of buying or leasing a Mitsubishi car

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing or buying a Mitsubishi car. These are points you shouldn’t miss, upon searching for a Mitsubishi dealer service center for your new car.

Pros and cons of buying a Mitsubishi car


  • You can fully own a car, thus you don’t have to worry about losing it after a contract end.
  • Since you own the Mitsubishi car, you’ll have the freedom of customizing it the way you want. You’re even free to install some add-ons, like adding security features on it.
  • You can drive it as long as you like, without worrying about any mile limits.
  • You can even sell it afterwards if you want to. You can also search about “accredited Mitsubishi service department near me”, which accepts deals of used Mitsubishi cars.


  • Buying has higher monthly expenses than leasing a Mitsubishi car.  However, if you’d search about “best Mitsubishi service centers near me” where you’ll buy a car, you can have favourable financing deals to consider.
  • Its warranty will end, and you’ll cover post-warranty expenses afterwards.
  • Owning a car would make it difficult for you to have a new one.

Pros and cons of leasing a Mitsubishi car


  • You can have far lesser monthly expenses, since buying a car probably means shouldering a loan. Monthly lease rates are much smaller than loan rates; plus the latter has interests as well.
  • You’ll be covered by a warranty for the entire duration of the lease contract, thus you don’t have to worry about servicing and repairs.
  • After the lease ends, you can switch to a new car without any hassles. For example, if you have a Pajero under lease, you can switch to a Mitsubishi Lancer service centre afterwards.


  • Leasing a car is actually much more expensive than buying one. It could have a lower monthly rate, but its accumulated value could go higher than purchasing a car.
  • You only have a limited number of miles to drive throughout the duration of a lease, which could possibly make it unfavourable if you often go on long drives.
  • You need to keep the car in good condition as much as possible, together with proper maintenance.

Now that you already know the pros and cons in buying or leasing a car, you can start weighing each points to have the Mitsubishi car you want. Just don’t miss to search about “best Mitsubishi service centers near me”, or click on for the best deals.