Feel the speed, with the best motorbike brand ever!

Harley-Davidson is without any doubt the best known manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, and for good reasons. This American company has been in the market for decades, during which they have created a solid reputation for making heavy weight motorcycles. Australia is no exception. In this country, fans of this brand have been long waiting for the unveiling of Harley’s 2019 Sportster motorcycles. They have a loyal following worldwide, and clubs that organise events involving Harley-Davison motorcycles can be found all over the world.

2019 sportster motorcycles

Some facts about your favourite brand

The Harley’s Sportster motorcycles line has been produced uninterruptedly since the late 1950s. For the Australian market, the 2019 Sportster motorcycles line comprises the following models: Sportster 1200 Custom, Superlow, Roadster, Iron 883, Forty-Eight, and Forty-Eight Special. These motorcycles are equipped with the high performance 1200 cc Evolution engine, which provides them with the power to have a ride full of excitement and fun.

The 2019 Sportster motorcycles are designed to provide high performance in terms of top speed and acceleration. For this same reason, safety is uncompromised and much emphasis has been put in the design of the braking system. Moreover, the suspension and balance of these motorcycles are carefully engineered to provide maximal grip on paved roads.

A motorcycle for long distances

For those who prefer covering long distances instead of experiencing high speed, Harley’s 2019 Touring motorcycles offer a good range of models. In Australia, these models include the Road Glide, Street Glide, Street Glide Special, Road King, and Road King Special.

These motorcycles are designed for long haul trips, emphasising comfort and a high-capacity fuel tank. The engines of these motorcycles are equipped with a cooling system to ensure optimal performance in all the possible conditions found on the road.

A motorcycle to enjoy

 Besides the two types of motorcycles mentioned above, Harley’s 2019 motorcycles have an ample range of other options. Whatever your needs for expectations, there will be a Harley motorcycle for you. The Street motorcycles line comprises models that are specifically engineered to be driven on urban paved roads.

Two models are offered for the Australian market, the Street Rod, equipped with a 750 cc engine, and the Street 500. The 2019 Softail motorcycle models are well designed to give the appearance of having a rigid frame. These motorcycles are among the favorites in Australia for their beautiful looks.

The most popular series in Australia, however, continue being the Sportster and Touring motorcycles. The 2019 Sportster motorcycles do not compromise anything in order to achieve high-speed performance and safety. One of these motorcycles is what you need to experience the adrenaline of riding at top speed. On the other hand, if you want to travel the Australian roads on the iconic upright seating position, a Touring motorcycle is for you.

Visit your local Harley-Davidson Gasoline Alley dealer in Australia and know more about the different options offered for each possible situation. You can request a test ride in order to assess whether a certain model is definitely for you. If you decide to purchase, you can even apply for finance and realize your dream of riding one of the 2019 Sportster motorcycles or other top performers of your liking.