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The Care Home Visit Checklist of Questions

Getting all the facts straight when you are out to find aged care homes is necessary to make an informed decision for your elderly loved one.


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Being ready with all your questions is a useful idea, so you can have that clarity after your visit. Choosing your care home is a big decision, after all, that involves a multitude of factors.

In Australia, Arcare, a provider of residence for aged people, has started to take a considerable boom due to the increasing number of awareness from among those living within the area. From only a few numbers in 2013, aged care in the country has immensely grown in popularity in several regions.

Now, on your trip to find aged care homes, here are some of the questions you would want to get answers to:

  1. How much are the fees and what are the inclusions? – It is vital to understand the budgetary requirements, so as not to break the bank due to charges that you do not expect. Some care homes may not be as transparent with their billing structure, and it can be a cause of stress once you get that bill. Don’t be shy about asking about death fees inclusion, although it may seem a bit uncomfortable.
  1. What activities can be expected? – Maintaining an excellent quality of life is essential for every aged care facility. That is why residential facilities make it a point to include holistic activities and enrichment programmes for the residents. Bringing of pets is always welcome as well as other social and leisure activities. They also allow residents to get engaged in their hobbies of choice and even provide regular bus trips to interesting places.
  1. What kinds of food are served and what are the mealtimes like? – When trying to find an aged care company that you can trust, food and mealtime routines meet every resident’s requirements. Those who provide aged care believe that mealtimes are a special opportunity for residents to maintain familiar and important links with the past, so families are sometimes welcomed during resident meal times.
  1. What is the patient vs team member ratio? – This is also highly important since residents should get the ample care they need. Well rested team members mean lower turnover rate, ensuring that they can build the necessary relationships with the residents through tenure. Finding out the team members’ turnover rate can give you a good insight into the environment and is a good indicator of the continuity of care offered.
  1. If you decide to leave the care facility, what is the notice period requirement? – Even after taking the right precautionary measure, some details may fall outside of your hands. You may find that the care home is not suitable as you originally thought it is or may need another choice due to some circumstances that have arisen. In this case, it is important to know the notice required to avoid confusion and make the transition as smooth sailing as possible.

There you have it. By asking these questions, you will be able to find aged care homes that you can trust to look after your ageing parent or grandparent.

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